Monday, November 3, 2014

Chapter 9

 Raja: I need you to meet me here now! Its really important its about your future you need to be here!

Raja: Ok, I will see you then. My plan is unfolding perfectly!

The stranger that Raja was talking to came to the location

 John: Why do I have to commit a crime and then if I get caught I get put in jail?
Raja: You know why, I have your Father and if you don't corporate then you and your father will get it.
Raja: Understood?
John: Yes, Sir.
Raja: Good I will let you know when we are going to do it.

At Tiffani's 


Raja: Calm down pretty lady, I want to claim what is rightfully mine.

Tiffani:  What are you talking about?

Raja:  You of course, run away with me Tiffani I know we were meant to be please we can make a new life together have children even come on.


Raja:  Tiffani, I tried to be nice but you have doomed yourself I will leave have a nice life with leron

Tiffani: Its Leroy bye Idiot.

Tiffani went to bed but was awakened by something....


Raja: Yea, your so pretty when you are asleep.


Raja: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Tiffani tried to get out of the bed when she got out of bed to get the phone this is what happened.

Tiffani  was screaming in  while she had to endure this pain she saw her life practically flash through her eyes at this moment. She was passed out after this unexpected beating.


He left her on the ground once she came to and reached for the phone Raja still didn't leave Tiffani went downstairs and this is what she saw.

Raja: I'm not crazy weeeeee. You will be mine Tiffani Matson This I Swear.

Tiffani: Oh My Gosh he has lost it he really is dumb and totally insane.

After Tiffani saw this image she told Leroy to come over immediately she explained how everything happened.

Tiffani: I am so glad you are here. I need a new location. immediately

Leroy: I know I am working on it my sweet lets not worry about it you have been through enough for now on I will be by your side.

Tiffani: Are you saying what I think you are saying?

Leroy: Yes, I am moving in with you.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chapter 8

Tiffani: I am so happy I moved up In my career now I get to interview people and write a good or a bad story about them.

She rushed to the computer she first interviewed Leroy her boyfriend. she was so excited to write her first positive outlook that would go in the Sim Inquire. As she started typing there was a knock at the door.
It was Jules.
Tiffani: Hi Jules, whats the latest on Raja?
Jules: Well, Its not good he is a wanted criminal in 5 cites all for harassment and murder!
Tiffani:  OMG what am I going to do?
Jules: I don't want you to worry about it now since it is Snowflake day but once we find a place for you to hide right now. I will let you know. Since you are his next target!
Tiffani:  Ok, Lets have some fun for the holiday

Tiffani  invited all her friends and coworkers to come to her house for a snowflake day party.

Leroy made the party even better Tiffani  had once forgot what was going on because she was having so much fun dancing with Leroy.
Tiffani:  Leroy, I don't know what to do I need someone to protect me.
Leroy: Hun I will protect you.
Tiffani:  I love that
Leroy; I love you too and I would love .

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chapter 7

Tiffani: Thanks, for coming Jules I really need your help.

Jules: No problem Tiffani, I would do anything for you since we are such  good friends. I also decided to live in Sky City with you.

Tiffani: I am so excited you moved in. Now let me explain what is going on. This guy Raja I met the first day I moved in seemed really nice then me and my boyfriend Leroy started dating and went to the gym yesterday. Raja started beating up Leroy and Raja said  he wants me to be in his arms. Instead of Leroy's.  Another thing is Raja is married and I am really scared that's why I called you.

Jules: Ok  I understand what you are saying I think this Raja guy is crazy. When I go back to work I will look up his file in the Sky City police department. I will let you know if I found anything unusual. For now just be careful when you are out in town.

Tiffani: I feel much better you are in town Jules Thanks I want to introduce you to my boyfriend. Jules this is my boyfriend Leroy. Leroy this is one of my great friends Jules.

Leroy: Nice to meet you I am so glad you are here to help.

Jules: No problem dude.

Tiffani: Guys, I just got a message from Raja he wants me to meet him at the dinner. What should I do?

Jules: Well you know what just go I will wire you up with a microphone. Just be careful.

Leroy: Yea babe, just be careful.

Tiffani: Wire me up Jules I'm ready.

Tiffani: What do you want Raja? I am not very happy to be in your presence right now!

Raja: Why not babe, I love you Tiffani why don't we go back to my house if you know what I mean.

Tiffani: ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW! You hurt my boyfriend really bad and you think I am ok with being friends with you still you are crazy. I never want to see you again RAJA.

Raja: You know what Tiffani, One day you will be in my arms and it is right now!

Tiffani: Take one step closer and my friend Jules will kick your ass!

Raja: Fine, I will leave Tiffani But you will see soon that I am the better man!

After the confrontation Tiffani went home to Leroy and Jules and gave them the tape to keep as evidence. Jules thanked Tiffani and went right to the station. Tiffani and Leroy went to the fall festival.

Tiffani: Thanks, Leroy for the distraction from all of this I really need this.

Leroy: No problem babe, Let's see who is going to win this pie eating contest?

After the pie eating contest Tiffani started to dance with Leroy.

Tiffani: You really know how to dance thanks for the fun day.

Leroy: Anytime you need to get away with work, Raja, or anything else let me know and I will take care of it ok.

Tiffani: Ok

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chapter 6

Raja: Hi Leroy I heard you and Tiffani are dating now.

Leroy: Yea, Whats wrong with that?

Raja: Well I know that me and Tiffani are soul mates right from the start we were skating together I looked into those deep beautiful purple eyes and I knew she was mine so back off.

Leroy: I am not backing off she loves me very much and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Raja: Oh really I know what will talk some sense to you.

Leroy: What?

Raja: This!

Raja  starts to beat up Leroy till he feels he is tired out.

Leroy: You are crazy really damn crazy! Stay away from Tiffani or I will beat the living crap out of you.

Raja: Well I can't see how you will beat me up beacause, you lost this fight I will be making sure that Tiffani will realize what kind of man she needs in her life. Don't say I didn't warn you. You are messing with great and powerful forces in this town. Adios Chump.

When Leroy went upstairs and Tiffani saw him she took him back to her house immediately.

 Tiffani: So, Let me get this straight Raja beat you up because he is jealous that we are dating and he didn't have the guts to confess to me how he felt about us?

Leroy: Yes, and he said that I am messing with "great and powerful forces" I will protect you know matter what happens to you I love you babe.

Tiffani: I am just nervous now because Raja is married and who knows what he will do to make sure that I am in his arms?

Leroy: You are right we have to find someone else to protect you like a personal body guard but who is with you at all times unless you are with me.

Tiffani: Oh, I think I know of someone...

Tiffani: Jules, I need your help.

Chapter 5

Tiffani: Yes, I will be your girl friend I love you, Leroy!

Leroy: I love you too very much.

Leroy: Do you want to go on another date right now?

Tiffani: Sure, I can't wait

Leroy: Well, I know this is not a traditional place for a date but I really don't care.

Tiffani: Where are we going?

Leroy: The Gym. I want us to be a couple that is in shape.

Tiffani: Ok.

As soon as the couple got there Tiffani started pumping iron. Leroy was coming in until he got stopped by someone....

Chapter 4

Tiffani: Hi Leroy, I got your call whats up?

Leroy: Hi Tiffani I was wondering If you wanted to go on a date with me?

Tiffani: Sure Leroy That will be fun. I can't believe Leroy just asked me on a date I am really excited to see how this turns out.

Leroy: I had a great time at the park Tiffani, I want to take you somewhere special.

Tiffani: Ok.

Tiffani: I LOVE the book shop how did you know?

Leroy: Well, I do my research. Plus you have a free book card for as long as you live in Sky City you will always get free books.

Tiffani: Oh Leroy, That's the best present I have ever gotten. I just want to.....

Leroy: Tiffani Mattson, Will you be my girl friend?

Chapter 3

Tiffani: I am so excited for my first day of work. This is one step of many to my dream. I had a great first day, after work I went to go hang out with Leroy and Raja.
Tiffani: I am having a great time Raja. I have never really skated before.

Raja: I am having a great time too Tiffani Don't worry I won't let you fall.
Raja: Oops we fell anyway.

Tiffani: Its ok but my butt hurts a lot.

Tiffani: Hey Leroy, I really had a lot of fun today. Would you like to go skating? Before I leave.

Leory:  I had a lot of fun today too Tiffani, Also, I would love to go skating with you.

Tiffani: Oh Leroy I really loved getting to know you today I hoped you had a great time with Raja.

Leroy: I really like you Tiffani I don't know how to explain it but I am really glad I met you. Plus Raja is a really nice guy.

Tiffani: Ok I have to go nice to see you Leroy.

Leroy: Bye Tiffani.

Some Extra photos

Leroy Falling in mid-air while Raja skating away. Also, Tiffani is trying to catch Leroy.

Tiffani Collecting Flowers.